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Z Altug

A physical therapist with a passion for integrative and lifestyle medicine

Z Altug


Physical Therapist, Book Author, Speaker

Lifestyle Physical Therapy


Ziya “Z” Altug is a board-certified doctor of physical therapy with clinical experience treating musculoskeletal conditions. Z uses integrative and lifestyle medicine to help his patients and clients recover and heal. He is the author of the book Integrative Healing (Cedar Fort, Inc, 2018). He treats patients privately in Los Angeles and serves as a continuing education instructor.

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This course discussed how many popular activities could enhance the lives of people with Parkinson's. Z Altug searched the research literature to back up this information. I liked that quite a number of his articles are from non-English journals. (which they often get overlooked). My takeaway message is that when working with patients with Parkinson's, you can be creative and look at treatment options with a much broader focus.
Elizabeth Ahern
Lifestyle Medicine Fitness Strategies For Persons With Parkinson’s
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