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Creating a group


To create a group from your partner dashboard, click on the third tab across titled Groups. This will take you to your list of groups. Click on the purple button titled Create Group. Enter the group name and a group description. Then click on the button Submit.

To edit the group, you can either click on the group or on the Edit tab. Here, you can edit the group name, the group description as well.

You can delete the group by selecting the red Delete Group button, and you can save any changes by selecting the purple Save button.

When you first create the group, there are no users and no assigned course sets. You can follow the prompts to add users to the group, or you can click the purple button on the right of the screen where it says Add Users. This will populate a list of your users in your organization. If you click the purple plus button, this will add a user to your group. You can add as many users as you would like to the group. If you make a mistake, click the red negative button and it’ll remove the user off the group. Once you are done with this process, click the purple button at the bottom titled Done. This will then show you a list of people that are currently added to your group and users that have previously been added, but deselected.

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