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Have you ever wondered where to find courses that are specifically geared towards your personal learning goals? On Plus, we have a bespoke course recommendation feature that will suggest courses to you based on your interests and filter out any courses that you have done in the past.

If you are new to the platform, there will be a prompt at the top of your screen to complete an onboarding survey. You can also find the survey by going to your dashboard, clicking on the Recommendations tab, and then clicking on the “onboarding survey” link. You’ll be prompted to complete some details, type of activities that you are interested in and topics that interest you. Once completed, you can submit your selections and return to the dashboard.

Under Recommendations, the first recommendations will be the top picks based on your choices.  When you scroll down, you will see tailored recommendations per topic, based on your interests. You can add courses directly to your To do list, by clicking on the bookmark on each course.

You can view your To do list from your dashboard where you will see the To do list tab. From your To do list, you can enter the course directly by clicking on it.

Remember, you can redo your onboarding survey at any time to keep your learning up to date with your evolving goals and interests.

All this available to you in your Plus membership.

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