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Did you know that Plus offers an exercise prescription platform? From your dashboard on Plus, you can select Exercises and Telehealth, which allows you to create stunning exercise plans for your clients in only a couple of minutes. Unlimited access to this feature is available to Pro Plus members.

When you access the Exercise section at the top of the page, you’ll see that you can create an exercise plan. Here you can select the exercises that you are looking for to add to your exercise plan. You can search by category, for example, shoulder strengthening. You can also search by diagnosis, or search for exercises related to a specific muscle, for example, the quadriceps.

If you would like to search further, you can type your search in the search bar, for example, “asymmetric shoulder exercises”. Once the selection of exercises appears, if you would like to view more information on the exercise, hover over the i button. To watch the short video provided with the exercise, click the play button. To select an exercise, click the add button. This will add this exercise to the exercise plan that you are creating, either as a template or for a client. Once you have selected the exercises that you want to add to this exercise plan, you can decide if you want the images displayed in color or as line art.

You can decide to allocate your exercise program to a specific patient by selecting from a list of your existing patients, or you can add a new patient. Fill in the particulars of the patient. Name your exercise plan and click continue. You can edit the exercise instructions and enter specific instructions for your patient regarding hold times, repetitions, and so on. Once you are happy, click save.

From here, you can decide to email the exercise program directly to your patient. You can select to send a standard email or a custom email. You can send the exercise program by SMS text or WhatsApp. For this, you will need to purchase credits under the settings tab.

Alternatively, you can choose to print or download the exercise program. If you download the program, you can upload the PDF file to your electronic medical record system. Each exercise on the sheet provided to the client will have a link to the short video of that exercise.

In the patient record, you’ll find a record of exercise plans created for this patient. From here, you can print, email or text and exercise plan for a patient.

You can also use an exercise plan that you have created to create a template. You can access templates under My templates. This provides quick and easy access to exercise plans, which you may routinely use in your clinical setting. You can assign a template exercise plan to a patient from the My template page by selecting a patient from your list of existing patients or by adding a new patient.

At the top of the exercises page, you’ll see other options available to you. You can click on My patients to view existing patients or add a new patient. For each patient, you can view the patient record and decide if you are adding a new exercise plan for this patient, editing the patient details or deleting the patient record.

The exercise feature also has advice sheets available. You can select an advice sheet relevant to your patient presentation, or you can choose to create your own advice sheet under the My exercises tab.

Further, under My exercises tab, you also have the option to add your own exercise. Following the relevant information, upload an image and click save.

Under the Settings tab, you can customize features related to your exercise plans, such as personalizing your letterhead by selecting the appearance, font size and instructions to be displayed by default on your exercise plans. You can edit your clinic information.

As you can see, there are numerous features available to you for providing exercise plans to your patients. All of this is available to you in your Plus Pro account.

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