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Creating course sets


Course sets are a feature available to groups who partner with Plus. As part of your partnership membership with Plus, you have the ability to create course sets from your partnership dashboard.

A course set is a group of courses that you select to group together, which may be allocated to individual users or to a group of users. For example, in a clinic or hospital setting, you may have a training programme for employees who enter the workplace. As part of this programme, you may want to create a course set of Plus courses for the new employee, which are related to the field of work and address fundamental principles applicable to clinical practice within the institution at which they will be working.

To create the course set, click on the fourth tab titled Course Sets. This will take you to a list of courses. To create a new course set, click on the purple Create Course Set button. Name the course set, and you can give the course set a description. Once this is complete, click on the purple Submit button. You can edit the course set by clicking on it or clicking on the Edit button on the right. You can see the date that it was created and the date that it was last edited. If you do not want this course set anymore, on the very right, you can click on the Delete Course Set button.

To add courses to your set, click the third button along titled Add Course to Set. A list of courses will be generated. If you do not want to select courses via this process, you can also search for courses. To add a course, select the purple plus button on the left side. When you’re finished, click done. You’ll then see a list of all the courses that you have added to your course set. You can shift the order of these courses by clicking the down or up arrow. You can also delete a course from the set by clicking on the bin icon. Once you’ve created the course set, you can assign it to either a group of users or an individual user. For example, as a group or individual reaches a level of training at your institution, which is covered by this particular course set, you simply assign the course set to them. If you select an individual user to which to assign the course set, the user list will auto-populate. To assign a particular user, you click the purple plus icon. To delete a user, if you have made a mistake, click the bin icon. Once complete, click done. To assign a course set to a group of users, you will need to have created the group already. How to create a group is demonstrated in a separate video. You can assign a course set to a group. Click on assign to group. A list of your groups will auto-populate. Select the groups you wish to assign the course set to. Exit when you are done.

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