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The activity log explained


In this video, I’m going to walk you through how to create an online portfolio by using your activity log on Plus.

You’ll need to log into Plus and navigate to your dashboard. On your dashboard, you will see the Activity log tab. You can click on this tab and you’ll be taken to your activity log. Here you will see a list of all the activities that you have already logged. These may be Plus activities or external activities that you have logged on your Plus activity log. Anything from attending a course, reading a journal article or reflecting on a clinical experience.

We have attempted to set up an easy to use web form that will capture all the information needed to record an activity. This is very useful should you get audited or need to evidence your learning.

Let’s have a look at the functions on this page. For example, if I would like to add an activity, let’s say I attended a course about the knee, I would select Add an activity to my log. On this page, you can add the date of the activity and add a description of the activity. In the Notes or Reflection box, you can describe and reflect on the activity and how it’ll impact your practice in the future. We have provided some clinical reflection frameworks for you to use, should you like some guidance. This is optional. You can select from the three reflection frameworks provided and add the headings of the reflection framework to your description box. Then you can fill in the details.

You will now record the duration of your activity, and then there’s an additional link for advanced options. For example, you may want to record an internet web address, for example, to an uploaded file on a platform like Google Drive or Dropbox, for example, where you may have saved a certificate from a course or an external provider. That will record the link to go back to it at a later stage. Click save and your activity will now be saved to your activity log.

You can export your activity log along with other activities that you have already added. Select the Export or Print button.

From the activity log page, you can also edit existing activities by clicking on the pencil icon.

You can also download your certificates.

Should you want to view only selected activities, you can filter your activities by the type of activity. For example, you may want to have a look at videos that you have watched. If you want to remove the filter, simply click on that activity. You may want to filter by the course you have attended or you may want to filter by engagement, for example, you only want to view activities where you have completed the reading.

All this available to you in your plus account.

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