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Books and Journals


In Plus, you now have access to 100 full text e-books and 190 full text peer reviewed rehabilitation journals. Just go to the resources section and click on the link to the Books and Journals. This will open up the databases where you can search the journals or the e-book collection.

Have a look at the title list of all the journals. You can search the journals by keyword in the search box. If you prefer to read books. Have a look at the e-book collection. Again, you can search for books that you’re interested in by using the search box.

If you’re looking for a specific topic to learn about, select both databases. This will take you to the search page where you can enter any topic that you’re interested in to learn about. The search will come back and present anything on that topic in the journals or the books. You can access the full text PDF of either a book or a journal article, all available within your Plus account.

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